Site Plan and Planning Approval for Sanford Institution for Savings Midtown Expansion

  • Horizontal and vertical location of Sanford Midtown Mall and existing Sanford Institution for Savings office Building
  • Worked with Brand Partners to develop a proposed site plan for the expansion
  • Produced site plan, application packet and multi-media presentation to explain the scope of the project to town planning and development department

GPS Mapping For Bradstreet Consultants, Inc. of Manchester, Maine

  • Provided ground control for Aerial Photography and Mapping covering nearly all of York County
  • Located 330 Aerial Targets located throughout 17 towns, with a tolerance of less than +/- 0.10 feet
  • Project encompassed approximately 325 Square Miles, and was completed on time and at budget (6 Weeks)
  • Finished product delivered on the Maine State Coordinate System, and was collected entirely with our Leica 1200 Series GPS SmartRover

Hillside Crossing Condominium Project For Hillside Properties, LLC

  • Obtained Town and DEP approval for a 75-Unit Condominium Project, designed by Corner Post Land Surveying, Inc., through a series of Planning Board presentations and numerous submittals
  • Completed boundary survey and aerial topography ground control of the project site
  • Completed construction layout of the new road, utilities and buildings throughout the project

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey of the Pine Tree Shopping Center and Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Portland, Maine for the Orin Group, LLC of Tallmadge, Ohio

  • Completed Boundary Survey of the entire mall property identifying all boundary lines and existing easements
  • Located all existing site features including buildings, utilities, parking spaces, etc.
  • Drafted the finished plan to the exact specifications of the Orin Group, LLC, including use of their template and layer scheme

GIS Mapping and Parcel Boundary (Tax Map) Update For The Town Of Sanford

  • Provided Ground Control for the Town Aerial Photography and Mapping
  • Worked with Tom Burns of GIS Mapping and Analysis to supply updated parcel boundaries for the entire Town of Sanford to be utilized on the town GIS system
  • Updated the Town parcel lines (tax map lines) by combining hundreds of existing/recorded survey plans with all of the previous surveys completed by Corner Post Land Surveying, Inc. in Sanford, utilizing our Leica GPS systems.

Town-Wide Sewer System Location For The Kittery, Maine Sewerage District

  • Horizontal and Vertical Location of approximately 600 sewer manholes with inverts, with a tolerance of +/-0.20 Feet
  • Project encompassed approximately 2.5 Square Miles, and was completed on time and on budget (6 Weeks)
  • Final data delivered on the Maine State Coordinate System and was collected utilizing field measurements along with our Lieca 1200 Series GPS System. Our finished product is the result of a collaborative effort with the Kittery Sewerage District and Bradstreet Consultants, Inc.